Cornish pasty was invented

The humble Cornish pasty, so closely associated with pirates and the West Country, was actually the brainwave of urban middle classes in London. That is according to leading food historian Peter Brears, who has said the foodstuff should not have special EU protection to only be made in Cornwall.

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I’m constantly finding new blogs, and while I’d love to share them all, these are a few I love and try not to miss. Since a list of links is fun (but not always helpful), I’ve included a little bit about each of them as well.
As Simple As That – I am constantly amazed at Hannah’s spirit.


Paris is the most romantic city in the world

It seems that when it comes to romance, the old favourites are still the best. Users of the flight search engine have voted Paris as the most romantic city in the world. The French ‘City of Love’ topped the poll with 35% of the overall votes. The Italian cities of Venice and Rome came second and third with 15% and 6% respectively.

You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world.


A Beautiful Quotes

Travelling is a great thing to do, especially now. Summer is a good time of year to start a new adventure or see new parts of the world. But what exactly is travelling? Simply stated, travelling is a process of getting from one place to another.
Most people travel as part of their daily routine, not only because it is enjoyable but also because it has a lot to offer.

Goodtime Chilling

Big Sean’s third official studio album, Dark Sky Paradise, is a cathartic exhale. Narrating the ups and downs of what he has publicly described as some of the hardest times of his life, the offering doubles as a 12-track (or 15-track, if you’re going with the Deluxe Edition) journal entry that archives, among other dark sensations, Sean’s recent run-ins with loss.