Good Food and What To Eat in Seoul

South Korea, Seoul needs no introduction. Great food, rich heritage and culture, beautiful scenery, awesome shopping, pretty girls and handsome men, mega popular music and film industry. I can’t think of what else is lacking. This is my second visit to Seoul, this time round with slightly more knowledge on their food. During my first trip, i only know Bibimbap (비빔밥) and Bulgogi (불고기).

My trip was from 12 November to 19 November 2013 during the mid of Autumn and the temperature ranges from -4 to 12 degree Celsius. It was a free and easy trip so there was quite some map planning and navigation to be done, which i will share everything in this page.

For friends who are going for Free & Easy, i recommend another map site that is very popular among the Koreans which gives a much more accurate location. The only problem is, this site can only perform a search by Korean character, which i will try to provide in my posts as much as possible. I can read a little of their Hangul (Korean character) so it actually makes my research much much easier.

Instead of using Google map, i use Naver Map. Even the details of small streets are reflected in Naver Map unlike Google Map and that is really helpful in term of navigation. Throughout the whole trip, i fail to locate only ONE cafe and  i use Google Map for that. Grrrr……

My philosophy for navigation is not to always go for the shortest route, but the easiest route. Most of my maps will take reference from a MRT exit and if you will find the place if you follow my directions closely.

Travelling from places to places is easy in Seoul. The subway system can almost bring you to any part of Seoul with little difficulty.

What to eat and do in different part of Seoul?

I had friends who visited Seoul and when i asked them what food do they recommend in Seoul, and some of their answers are “I don’t know. I just pop into any Korean restaurant along the way. You don’t go for any particular restaurant. Just know the kind of dishes to eat”. That’s what i did for the first visit, but nope, i am not going to do that this time. Apart from some street food and the restaurants at Nami Island, the rest are all planned for.

So for all those fellow foodies out there who will specially travel for food, hop onto my band wagon!

I must explain that this is my second time in Seoul. For some food, i am only having it for the first time so i am not able to make comparison with other places. My reviews for the food places are purely based on my personal preference and taste.

I will add on to this list as i do up my posts, because there are just too many places to write about so please be patient and visit this page as and when, or do subscribe so you will receive an email whenever i have a new post.

I’d grouped my food places according to the nearest MRT station.




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