A Trip to the Pacific Northwest

Like a beacon that steers boats to shore, this magnificent establishment on the Subic waterfront can serve as a venue that beckons travelers seeking world-class comfort. The Lighthouse Marina Resort is a three-floor, 34-room boutique hotel capped by a lighthouse.

The hotel is sleek and ultra-modern in its Palafox-designed architecture. Done in almost austere Italianate architectonics with its elegantly simplistic hotel facade, the hotel main building provided a perfect compliment to the 20 meter light tower done in surprising detail very faithful to naval architecture specifications.

It’s exclusive location hidden in the midst of the busy Waterfront Road makes it the ultimate haven of retreat. The Lighthouse was established back in 2007 to provide transient residence to executives of business locators of the Subic free port zone; and for tourists who frequent the port more for its sailing and eco-tourism than its business.

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